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STORIES (Histoires) :  Work in progress (travail en cours)


Copyright W. Guilmain

Something broken (quelque chose de brisé)

My memory is blurry.

My life is out of focus.

Our love like an amateur movie...

Crazy white Swan
(Le cygne blanc fou)

A white swan wanted to escape. It was doomed to fail. It was doomed to fail because it forgot one obvious thing. In order to escape you need to know from what you want to escape.

White madness
(folie blanche)

In this big castle,

In this huge castle, I am alone.

I talk to the statues,

Since you are not here anymore,

Since nobody is here...

I have to dance to forget,

I should be crazy,

I feel the ghosts of the past.

White madness !


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