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Urban women

 Who are these modern women running in the streets ? Are they bystander walking to their job ?  Business women overloaded of job ? Victims trying to escape or predators ? What is their place in cities made by men ?


Time is runing for all of us. I know it. All the pieces of my body know it. I think about it few seconds and then I forget. Sometimes I am not able to forget it and then I run, I run, I run again and again. The clock is running too. I run run, run, jump , jump, jump but the clock is always faster. Whatever I will dance as long as I can !

I remember you

We belonged to each other. You are not here anymore. I just want to forget you as deep as I loved you. I want to be part of these walls. Stones do not suffer, stones are in peace. I can rest now, you are just a shadow on the walls.

Anarchic ballet

I look people around. I look people around and got the feeling that something is turning bad. Is it me or people around become crazy ? I see classical ballet dancer outside ot their opera that take oath to anarchy. What's happening around ?

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