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Urban women (III)

 Who are these modern women running in the streets ? Are they bystander walking to their job ?  Business women overloaded of job ? Victims trying to escape or predators ? What is their place in cities made by men ?

The drama

Something happened this night. I can't remember.

Flashs of pictures comes up. A dark street, a woman running, a scream in the night, a shadow walking close to me. I don't want to remember.


I saw this business woman. She was so self confident. She was so strong. She ruled the world. She played with the world. She almost forget that nowadays nothing is immutable. Sometimes the system fails and so are we.


She was walking alone in this city.

Some guys were looking at her. Some guys were planing to make her their next trophy....

I knew that they were mistaken.... Something in her eyes, something in her movements, her hair...

Her way to walk, to discreetly bend her back...

Something feline in her.

I ran away.....

Sreams in the night...Claws in the night.

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