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About the author

Author photographer based in Montpellier


Specialized in fine art photography



SIRET : 824 011 605 00014

Member of the SAIF

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William Guilmain is a photographer artist born in 1982 living in Montpellier (Occitanie-France) since 2016.

He always showed equal interest in the humanities as well as the natural sciences.

Not wishing to amputate part of his brain and his soul, he pursued a parallel career as a researcher in cellular and molecular biology and photography which led him to live in multiple French regions as well as in different Western European countries.

He now works as an author, photographer and tutor.

William likes to experiment and uses different photographic techniques (digital-film). His artistic universe draws its inspiration from literature, painting and Chinese calligraphy which he practices on occasion. He is fond of photographers such as Yamamoto Masao, Miho Kajioka, Bae Bien-U and Sally Mann.

His authorial works have been the subject of numerous exhibitions, during festivals (International Biennale of Nancy, Voies off de Arles, Spring of Photographers of Sète), in galleries (Rastoll gallery, “Stud” galleryio On-Off”, gallery “les Aiguillages”). One of his photos is part of the permanent collection of the Hofer-Bury museum (Lavérune, Occitanie).

He was also published in several ART journals (Elephant Corridor, TK-21, The Eye of Photography) and his works are part of numerous private collections around the world.

In 2022, he published the book “Je est une autre” by Corridor Eléphant.

One of his photographs was the subject of 2024 of an auction under the direction of the auctioneer JC Guiseppi.

The art critic Michel Wichegrod has carried out a complete analysis of William's work which you can discover by clicking here.

Discover the list of its exhibitions by clicking here and the list of his publications by clicking here.



artistic manifesto

We proclaim through this manifesto our desire to offer a sincere art whose keystone is that of poetry and rationalism. These two mothers being each other's guardians.

We are considering photography like a brush capable of dusting off the world of ugliness programmed by a few for all. We believe in poetry capable of revealing the cosmos and its beauty. We believe in art to re-enchant our lives.

We reject Nihilism.

We claim to be an open and poetic rationalism but refuse the new obscurantism.

We reject the separation of imaginary and rational. We refuse to amputate our brains. We praise short circuits. We believe that all disciplines of the mind are one.

We view photography as a total art. We choose a life, and therefore an art, of aesthetic wisdom.

Montpellier, February 24, 2024.

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