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Art book

The series "He is a she" was the subject of an art book published by the editions "Corridor Éléphant" with 160 numbered copies, signed and certified by a cold stamp.

Technical features:

Size: 21x15cm.

Number of pages: 80.

Number of photographs: 47

Shots: film (Holga and polaroid).

Side: semi-matt 170g.


The words of the publisher


“William Guilmain’s photograph opens the doors of the universe where the living is a rustle, a breath, a shadow, a shake, a blur that does not seek sharpness.

Emotion is not defined, it is felt, it opens to another reading…”


The artist’s words about the series:

"The photographer walks away to flee.

Never has it been braver to flee.

But walking is not enough because there are no more places spared by human madness.

So you have to flee in yourself. Flee hoping to find brain scrolls that are not corrupted by time and fatalism.

Invite yourself to the dream.

But what if these lands remain untraceable? Worse, what if they do not exist, no longer exist?

So you have to flee time, from space, to your own body. So Arthur Rimbaud foresaw: «I am another». Then the photographer a little poet begins to dream through others, through dresses that cross his path.

And a crazy idea touches his mind: what if «I» was a she?"


SINGLE RATE of 38 euros VAT (shipping included).


Do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form or at my address for any order or enquiry.

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