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"I" is an other "she"


The photographer goes to walk to escape.

Never has he been more courageous to flee.  

But walking is not enough because there are no longer any places spared from human madness.  
So you have to flee within yourself. Flee hoping to find brain scrolls that are not corrupted by time and fatalism. Invite yourself to the dream.

But what if these lands remain unfound? Worse still, what if they don't exist, no longer exist?  
So you have to flee time, flee space, flee even your own body.
This is how Arthur Rimbaud anticipated it: “I am another”.  
So the photographer, a bit of a poet, begins to dream through others, through dresses that cross his path.
And a crazy idea crossed his mind: what if “I” was an other "She"?



“In contact with each other, there are always two of us. If the other is looking for you, it is often not to find you, but to find himself, and what you are looking for in the other is still you.

(Henri Laborit, In Praise of Flight, 1976).

“Thanks to you, a dress passed into my life” (Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac, 1897).

“Every loved object is the center of a paradise” (Novalis, Grains de Pollen, 1798).




This photographic series was the subject of an art book published by Corridor Elephant.
You can get this book on the publishing house's website or on my page"shop".

A review of the book by Fabien Ribéry is available by clicking HERE. Another one by Michel Wichegrod is to be discovered HERE.

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