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The edges of the world

This series is the fruit of my solitary winter wanderings in the fields and forests. I started this journey to clear my head of all these useless and harmful things that we call “emergencies” and which ruin our lives. I wanted to get lost in order to find myself. I just wanted to forget the pain and death. Walking alone in the silence and the cold changed me little by little. I experienced loneliness and sometimes exhaustion. Yet I have rarely felt so at peace. The beauty, serenity, silence and solitude around me made me feel like I was the only human left in the world. I experienced an almost mystical harmony with the forest, the snow and the sky around me. Behind every mountain and grove I wondered if a new world would open before me. I stopped belonging to this world which is collapsing to reach another world. Like in transit. I realized that I was not traveling through the landscape but through my soul in order to find my own identity, my true Nature. During this kind of journey we experience the infinity, the fears and the darkness of our mind. In this type of journey we seek to reach the limits of the world. This was my odyssey. Beyond the immense plains, Through the forests that disappear, Cross the Styx, corridor of souls. Other lives beyond. Maybe we'll see each other again, At the edges of the world.

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