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Made of sap and blood

In search of your roots, you dig through the humus and disturb the dead leaves, vestiges of flowering epics. Your fingers root into the ground. Is it the beat of your heart or the pulse of the Earth that vibrates in your veins? Caught in the dizziness of reminiscence, you embrace this trunk close to you to become one, to become this vertebrate stick insect: mimicry! Have you come across the “medusa” gaze of a white lady of the forest? Your hair intertwined like ivy, suffocating or overly loving octopus. The skin: bark. Veins: xylem. Blood: sap. Become wood! You flow along the woody vessels as one runs along the lines of the hand. Experience for a second the sweetness of ripe fruit and the pain of the blade. Now taking refuge in this dormant seed, a patient mutation is taking place. From the breath of the leaves I perceived the word “rebirth”. Film work carried out in 2017 using “Impossible project” instant films with a Polaroid SX-70 camera.

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